What's going on at Free? Dozens of Nordic subscribers call for help

While Xaviel Niel was crunching the new Freebox Delta at Free's headquarters in Paris, dozens, perhaps hundreds of netizens from the North and the Pas-de-Calais were tearing their hair while trying to use, normally, infrastructures of the telecom troublemaker.

                The problems seem many and very diverse. Some Internet users can no longer connect to the internet, others no longer have a television or take an infinite amount of time to load a page.
                One of the journalists from La Voix du Nord, a resident of Lille Center, who is affected by this problem testifies: "The network has not worked for three days. Once in two, the pages do not load. The television does not work either. It's the same with my friend who lives in Lille-Sud. I tried to plug in and unplug the freebox, but it did not work. I do not even try to contact customer service. They are unreachable and we spend too much time "
                Difficult, this Friday night, to know how many people are affected by this problem. But the deficiencies of the operator seem massive in the Lille metropolis, because the testimonials multiply on social networks (you can also contact by clicking here La Voix du Nord to let you know). "3 days that it reams … happens to open a web page 1 time out of 3, the same for games launches …", notes a Lille. A site specialized in the problems of connections publishes a map, difficult to verify, of the situation at Free (in orange the zones with problems).
                The communication service of Free has not been able to answer us about the date of a possible return to normal, but announces to be interested in the numbers of subscribers in galley to raise the problem.


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