Tesla does not only sell cars, discover 10 unusual products of the brand

A Tesla Powerbank charger Evoil during the autumn of 2017, the external charger was quickly out of stock. Tesla says it uses technology similar to that found in its cars. The compact battery has a capacity of 3350 mAh with an output voltage of 5 V / 1.5 A maximum. The object is marketed at a price of 45 dollars. A Superchargeur office For 45 dollars, Tesla sells the replica of a traditional Superchargeur, but intended for smartphones. On its website, the company states that its teams were keen to reproduce every detail and each curve "with precision". The object acts as an external battery, but USB cables are not included.A TeslaTesla Induction Battery sells induction batteries that also act as a traditional external battery. Compatible with Qi technology, the device was unveiled last summer for a fee of $ 65. Quickly sold-out, the low-key battery returns to the brand's website for $ 49. A Tesla mugThe American brand offers a mug with an illustration of the car Tesla sent into space using of SpaceX. On board the main capsule, the vehicle was placed in elliptical orbit around the sun. The mug is sold for $ 35 while the brand logo thermos costs $ 30. Tesla surfboards A few months ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla was going to market a product to say the least unusual: surfboards. Available in black and red, the limited edition included a total of 200 copies sold at $ 1,500 each. Designed in carbon fiber, the boards take the sober and elegant design of cars. Nevertheless, they sold out in a few hours and the brand did not repeat the experience, so it is no longer possible to buy a Tesla surfboard. A Tesla Model S for childrenTesla n ' has not thought of adults on her online store, to the point that she sells a miniaturized Model S for children. Available in white, gray, red and blue, it will still spend 600 dollars to acquire the vehicle. The brand says it was designed to "recreate the ultimate Tesla experience." Tesla caps and hatsThe company also sells caps with the Tesla logo, whether it's a simple "T" or full name of the company. They are available in gray, black, white or red for $ 25, like the hat. Clothes such as T-shirts or sweatshirts are also marketed. Tesla miniature cars Tesla also sells its miniature model vehicles, including Model S P85, Model S P100D and Model X P100D. The cars are all sold for $ 250 each. Once again, the Tesla Design Team in California oversaw the design. Tesla Tequila During the month of October, Elon Musk filed the name "Teslaquila" with the US registered trademarks (USPTO). At the same time, he announced that the alcoholic beverage would arrive soon, without mentioning the date of release of the product and its price. Little information is available except that it should be an "agave-based distilled spirit" .BONUS: Flamethrowers The Boring CompanySi Tesla is not the origin of the project is still Elon Musk who took the initiative. A total of 20,000 flamethrowers were sold, 600 dollars each, after being renamed "not a flamethrower", in order to rely on international legislation. Nevertheless, the majority of these products Tesla are not accessible in Europe directly on the site since the company only delivers them in the United States (and sometimes in Canada). It is still possible to purchase through a service such as Shipito.

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