Edition of Besançon | They pay their property tax by check and receive a fine

They are "stunned". A couple of Bisontins had the bad surprise, a few days ago, to receive a fine of 15 €. They had, however, paid their property tax in due time, as they have done every year since 2000, the date of the acquisition of their principal residence. Their check, amounting to € 1,249, was sent in early October and "cashed on the 9th for a payment deadline on the 15th." "Until then everything was fine," says the father. And then, came the fine. Stupor. This is where the couple learned "that beyond € 1,000, taxpayers are no longer allowed to pay by check."

  Threshold lowered to 300 € in 2019Jean-Christophe Royer, the director of the fiscal pole of the departmental direction of Public Finance confirms: the taxes and fees of an amount greater than 1 000 € must be paid by dematerialized way (monthly automatic levy, levy automatic when due or payment directly online on the website impot.gouv). Only another possibility: the TIP (interbanking payment) .The measure, in fact, is not really new: last year already, the dematerialized payment was mandatory beyond 2000 €. The thresholds are actually lowered every year: next year, it will not be a question of paying by check beyond 300 €.

  "Our system works on the head" Remains the question of the fine. Why sanction taxpayers visibly in good faith? The measure may be annoying, especially in these times of extreme "fiscal sluggishness". The aforementioned bisontin family man is scandalized: "Let's punish fraudsters who are expensive in the country! Our system is on the head and I am no longer surprised that so many French people are angry. The administration has no doubt felt it: it encourages the taxpayers concerned to apply for a graceful rebate. Request "which will be examined with the greatest kindness". Otherwise, taxpayers will have to pay their fine. And that, they can do it by check. 300 In 2019, it will no longer be possible to pay taxes by check over 300 euros.


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