VIDEO. Comète ou objet d'une civilisation extraterrestre ? On a demandé à un astronome d'où pouvait venir Oumuamua


"To make an extraordinary announcement, you have to have extraordinary data." Carl Sagan, famous American astronomer, recalled an obviousness in astronomy. Shmuel Bialy, a postdoctoral astrophysicist, and Avi Loeb, head of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts (USA), may have forgotten this principle.In an article to be published November 12 in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters (in English), the two scientists speculate that Oumuamua (the messenger, in Hawaiian), the first space object coming from another solar system observed in history, could come from another civilization . Their scenario would be that it is a "probe" or a "solar sail, traveling in interstellar space, such as the remains of a technologically advanced equipment", they explain in the magazine, as the reports Le Monde. Contacted by Franceinfo, Alessandro Morbidelli, the CNRS research director at the Côte d'Azur Observatory, points to several pitfalls that undermine the theory of US researchers. "The object has been observed rotating, but if you have a solar sail, you must not turn, because the solar sail must always show the same face to the Sun." Its size is another problem . Indeed, Oumuamua would measure "400 meters long and 40 meters wide," says Le Monde. "It is true that it is a fairly flattened object, but not at all a millimeter thick", the thickness that could be that of a solar sail, explains the researcher. On the other hand, if extraterrestrials had voluntarily shipped the object to Earth, they would probably have been more accurate. "It's gone up to 30 million kilometers, and if you want to see an extrasolar planet, you're going much closer to see what's on it," smiles Alessandro Morbidelli. Finally, the Seti Foundation, created to search the sky for artificial signals, found nothing. "When the object is passed, for the sake of consciousness, they pointed all their antennas and radio telescopes on this object.They did not detect anything, Oumuamua does not transmit any data," says Alessandro Morbidelli. do not deserve these sensational ads. He takes the opportunity to recall one of the basics of science. "We have a criterion called Ockham's razor, which says that we always have to offer the simplest solution, and it seems to me that the authors in question have completely ignored this principle. the most natural is that it is a comet. "
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