une Xbox One sans lecteur de disque pour 2019 ?


What if Microsoft released a new variant of its Xbox One console? It is rumored that a model without disk drive could see the day in 2019.On the consoles that are the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, players have the opportunity to choose to buy their games canned or dematerialized. Both solutions have their advantages, some prefer the box versions for the collection and the artistic work, others the digital because it is easier to manage.An Xbox One without a disk drive in 2019? Microsoft could soon remove this choice for the players, at least according to a Thurrott report that seems to believe that the Redmond firm would prepare to launch a new version of its Xbox One console in 2019. Main characteristic, it would be devoid of reader of disc. This means that this model would be compatible only with digital games, so dematerialized. The question is: what about players who have a collection of games in box? If the report is proven, Microsoft could also launch a "disk-to-digital" program. It would then be possible to bring your games back to a participating retailer, who would exchange them for their digital version. The goal is to be able to offer a cheaper version of the Xbox One, the US giant could reduce the bill of $ 100, which would make it less than $ 200. What to bring down the invoice sharply Difficult to know if it is the treatment that Microsoft reserves for all future Xbox consoles but with the advent of dematerialized, a future where video games are only digital could be quite conceivable. For now, this Xbox One without a disk drive is just a rumor, so take with tweezers.


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