Touch ID utilisé à l'insu des utilisateurs pour des achats malveillants

Malicious applications have deceived the vigilance of users. The victims lost between $ 100 and $ 140. Apple was the victim of a security problem on the App Store. The company, which regularly prides itself on the protection of its products and services, has passed malicious applications that have cheated users. A well-honed scam that uses TouchID These last masquerading as physical activity tracking applications. Once installed, the software asked the user to confirm his identity by scanning his fingerprint via the TouchID sensor, to provide him with "personalized recommendations for calories and food." That's when the trap closes. The application validates with Apple an online purchase, ranging from $ 99.9 to $ 139.99. The amount is immediately charged to the credit card stored on the user's Apple account. The software invited him to identify himself again, if he had refused a first time to put his finger on TouchID. Caution is required before installing an applicationApple was contacted as soon as the discovery of this scam by Lukas Stefanko , security expert. Both apps, "Fitness Balance app" and "Calories Tracker app" have been removed immediately from the App Store. However, the researcher does not hide his fears when developing this scam easy to implement and complex to identify for the validation teams of the shop. However, the software was well noted in the App Store and comments were particularly laudatory. This is unfortunately a well known technique of crooks to drown out positive reviews of the application description. The caution for less known software remains to read first negative opinions to see if something is wrong in the operation of the service.Apple advises his side to activate the function "Double click to pay." It displays an alert that indicates the payment amount before confirming the purchase, and to understand why an application asks you to identify yourself.

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