the mayor proposes good fuels to help his citizens


Roche-la-Moliere, France
                    This is an idea that came with national grumbling against rising fuel prices. The mayor of Roche-la-Molière has decided to offer good fuel to its citizens, from 1 January 2019.
"The idea is to support people who work, who have a minimum income, the SMIC, and who have expenses, and who are forced to take the car to work and have no other solutions, no public transport and atypical schedules. ", explains Eric Berlivet, the Mayor of Roche-la-Molière.
The vouchers will be capped at 50 euros for people working 35 hours a week and for half-time, vouchers will be calculated pro-rata hours worked. The calculation will be done over 6 months with several criteria, such as the distance traveled by going to work. To get the vouchers, the rucks must go to the CCAS, to file a file and make their request.
For the moment, it is necessary that the city council sees the number of file to be treated to determine the budget to be allocated to these good fuels. The mayor hopes that there will not be too much demand, "it would be a bad sign of the vital balance of the commune".


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