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Facebook announces a new update of its Messenger application. On the program, new features to facilitate the selfile, to create even bokeh effects on smartphones without portrait mode and the arrival of Boomerang mode as on Instagram that allows you to create loops from short videos. The application also adds support for objects that can be pasted into augmented reality in photos and videos.
Facebook has announced new features for its Messenger application, especially around selfies, the software Bokeh effect and the taking of short videos looped (which we hope are still successful ^^) named Boomerang, as on Instagram. As a bonus, the application now allows you to embed 3D objects in augmented reality in your photos and videos. So, now, Facebook Messenger has four photo modes: normal, video, text, Boomerang and selfie.
Facebook Messenger: Bokeh mode arrives, whatever your smartphone
So of course the most awaited feature is the arrival of the software Bokeh mode – this blur effect that gives the impression that the picture was taken with a Reflex, which one would have perfectly developed on your face. This feature was previously not available natively on many smartphones. But there were applications to do it (with more or less success) on Android.
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On the iPhone, however, it was another pair of sleeves: it was necessary to have an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, XS or XS Max. In other words, the most expensive models. In this case, on the other hand, the portrait mode is a combination of specially designed material and algorithm that can sometimes lead to better results (but not necessarily always perfect either).
Boomerang, Stickers and other 3D objects incrustable in augmented reality: the other novelties
In the Facebook Messenger application, everyone is now on an equal footing. The other rather expected feature is the arrival of the Boomerang mode. It's exactly the same as on Instagram: take a short video and make a loop. A kind of Gif that comes and goes. Finally, a new menu next to the shutter button allows you to embed stickers and other 3D objects in all your photos and videos.
These features are what we understand being added on the server side – they will be available regardless of your version of Facebook. But if you want to make sure you have the latest version installed on your Android smartphone, just click on the link below (beta versions are also available for new features in advance).


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