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Rent a kitten, cute? For the animal, it is especially a stressful and unpleasant experience.
        Everything is monetized, is not it? This is probably one of the precepts of RescueTime, American startup spotted by The Next Web, which offers a unique service: rent kittens and puppies to the day to humans. Anniversaries, special day in the company, comfort for frequent travelers … according to Rescue Time, there are many opportunities to rent a little animal for a day. And the customers seem so happy: "It's wonderful! I travel too much to have a pet but I love them so much! Says Jenny Fischer, supported by Brent Colgan who was able to make a fluffy surprise to her 82-year-old grandmother.
These testimonies, on the side of which we could rank because of the love of drafting Numerama for animals, hide cynically the reality of the operation for the main stakeholders: kittens and puppies, become consumer products and whose well-being is not guaranteed.
Renting kittens, it has a price // Source: Rescue TimeCar If Rescue Time claims to leave pets in foster families when they are not rented, it turns out that our haired mates hate the change. A new environment, for a cat or a puppy, is a source of stress and the animal will feel safe and comfortable after a week or two, and up to several months depending on the configuration of the animal. 'habitat. So can we imagine now moving these animals every day from house to house, open space in open space, for birthdays of restless children or in the middle of startups in full team building seminar? Any shelter and veterinarian who is sensitive to animal welfare would be against it.
Awareness campaigns are now encouraging people who want to have a cat or dog to be well prepared and to accept the constraints that come with adoption. A pet is not a toy that is lent or moved according to orders: it needs landmarks, attention and affection. Not to mention the fact that the startup, which only offers puppies and kittens, reinforces the idea that an animal is always young. Many unconscious owners, who today are taking advantage of a cat or a dog's life, abandon it when they realize that it is a long-term relationship with a big cat. or a canine that has become huge.
And if you really want to help animals without uberizing them, shelters and associations are always looking for caring volunteers.
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