RUMEUR - Crackdown 3 : un changement de titre pour une nouvelle identité

It's tomorrow night that we'll finally hear about Crackdown 3 again, on the live Inside Xbox since Mexican event X018. Of course, while the title would have changed on the form and the background for a few months, the expectations of the players are important.
And it may be that to make it clear that it is ready to see the day in its final form, the game changes its title. According to an Italian user of Reddit, the local Xbox Live Marketplace displays in a few menus, a new title for the project, namely Crackdown 3: New Providence. This New Providence is not unknown because it is simply the city in which the adventure takes place.
A paradise island under the influence of psychopaths, gangsters and affiliated butchers, New Providence is the landmark of the secret and disturbing TerraNova Worldwide. Built around the smoking heart of a volcano that has just become mysteriously active, this multinational exploits all the resources of the area, whether material or human, to prepare the next phase of its evil plan and initiate the inevitable decline of the Agency.
Thus, this name would emphasize the title environment, destructible at will, and playground for the many activities in open world. Officially, Crackdown 3 is scheduled for February 2019, but that could of course change at its next appearance.
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