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The PlayStation Classic test Sony PlayStation 4 500 at the best price It will be available on December 3 in shops, but the PlayStation Classic has already passed into the hands of some specialized journalists. Indeed, Sony has invited some lucky to try for a few hours its future mini-console, which will be delivered with two controllers and a total of 20 games. The opportunity to discover the latest secrets surrounding the replica of the console. 1994, including its interface, the management of backups or the way games are managed at the time on several disks. Thus, concerning its interface, in addition to the PlayStation characteristic logo ignition (slightly remodeled), the PlayStation Classic will offer a fairly simple user experience, with an austere limit menu. Rummaging through the options, we can pass the interface in French, but no trace of scanlines, filters or even wallpapers to hide the borders … Can not also change the format or resolution, and the PlayStation Classic will be therefore set to 720p only.Concerning the backup system, like the PS2 in its time, the PlayStation Classic will handle virtual memory cards. We will find the block system well known at the time, which will be added a quick backup system (like the Super Nintendo Classic Mini) that will record the progress at the exact moment when the game was left. at the interface and change the game, just go and press the Reset key on the console. For games that are at the time on multiple CD-ROMs (such as Final Fantasy VII), you will need to press the Eject key when asked on the screen. As for the joysticks, the first impressions are pretty good, and we find this feeling so characteristic, with a bonus cable length very acceptable. Note that these are first-generation controllers, either devoid of analog sticks and vibrations (which will inevitably pose a small problem in Metal Gear Solid during the confrontation with Psycho Mantis …). A PlayStation Classic that will be offered in shops at 99 euros in a few weeks. Note however that currently, it seems that the vast majority of games included are offered in English, without the possibility of switching them in French. A point that could cause concern to some players, who will then have a hard time taking full advantage of Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid or even Resident Evil Director's Cut, which require a minimum of reading.


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