OnePlus promet une nouvelle nouvelle interface et de nouveaux gestes pour le OnePlus 6T


OnePlus continues to tease the OnePlus 6T, its new smartphone that will be presented on October 30th. Today, the manufacturer focuses on the software experience that will be proposed. Several changes are announced. A "brand new interface" is announced. OnePlus does not share an image and does not say what it looks like. He thinks users will really have to test it to understand how it works. This change is as interesting as it is surprising knowing that OnePlus has accustomed its customers to offer an experience similar to that of pure Android, as imagined by Google. OnePlus suggests that this time could be over with the OnePlus 6T. Other changes are announced, such as new software at the camera level to take better shots. The gestures to navigate have also been reviewed, especially to be more fluid than at present and to propose new options, such as the ability to switch quickly between the two recently opened applications. Finally, intelligent artificial will be used to determine when the user sleeps to minimize the background tasks on the smartphone and improve the autonomy. The OnePlus 6T will be presented on October 30 during a conference held in New York. The smartphone will ship the Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 or 8 GB of RAM and will have a very small notch.
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