l'éditeur rachète les créateurs de Goat Simulator


The studio acquisitions continue at THQ Nordic which makes its developer pool grow even faster than Microsoft. Today, we learn that the Austrian publisher has got his hands on Bugbear and Coffea Stain. If you are unfamiliar with these entities, be aware that Bugbear Entertainment is a Finnish racing studio that has developed FlatOut, Ridge Racer Unbounded or Wreckfest. As a result, THQ Nordic acquired 90% of this 18-person structure, knowing that an option to buy the remaining 10% has been signed. Of course, the acquisition also allows the publisher to obtain the rights to all licenses of the studio. This operation is not unexpected, since THQ Nordic published Wreckfest last June. The other acquisition is more confidential, because it is the Swedes from Coffea Stain Studios who made the excellent Sanctum 1 & 2 (a tower defense in FPS view), as well as the commercial success Goat Simulator. In this case, THQ Nordic announces it has obtained 100% of the shares of the studio for a sum of 34.8 million dollars, knowing that part of the sum remains subject to the financial results of the studio. The total could therefore be much higher. The publisher estimates that studio sales will range from $ 21.9 million to $ 27.4 million over the next fiscal year, which should be a net result of $ 10.9 to $ 16.5 million. With all these acquisitions made since the beginning of the year, THQ Nordic's turnover has exploded, with net income increasing by 1403% in the third quarter of 2018 to reach $ 139.5 million.


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