Le premier patch de Fallout 76 est disponible, il pèse 48 Go


The first major patch of Fallout 76 has arrived and it brings a plethora of fixes and improvements in performance and stability.
Not long ago, Bethesda announced its track record for Fallout 76 updates. Today, the game is hosting its first major patch, which brings a lot of fixes and additions. And as the publisher had hinted, the patch in question weighs 48GB on consoles and 15GB in PC, but the next should be lighter. Without further ado, here is the list of all the changes:
Performance: Several problems causing complications during gaming and performance sessions have been fixed.
Stability: The Fallout 76 client and servers received stability enhancements.
Xbox Box: Fixed an issue that led to some menu instability.
Art and graphics
Ambient Occlusion: The placed objects leave no shaded outlines behind them after being picked up.
Camera: The game camera now moves more smoothly when the player interacts with furniture.
Graphics: The cover of the magazine Science Tesla 9 is no longer all red by picking it up, or by examining it.
General: Fixed a problem where enemies chased the player further than desired.
Loot: Players can correctly obtain nuclear code fragments from ghouled and burned officers after killing them.
C.A.M.P., Workshops and Manufacturing
Plans: Fixed an issue where plans fragmented after disconnecting and reconnecting to Fallout 76.
Paintings: Paintings applied on an assisted armor during B.E.T.A. Fallout 76 will appear correctly on painted elements, and these paints can now be applied to other sets of Assisted Armor.
Repair: Fixed an issue where an object was still considered broken after being repaired.
Tourist Office: The Prickett's Fort token dispenser can now be repaired and players can no longer walk through it.
Pacifist Mode: Players who activate Pacifist mode and trigger PvP by attacking another player's studio now deal full damage to that player while hostilities are open.
Reappearance: Choosing the "Reappear" option after being dead in PvP will put an end to any hostile state towards other players.
Seeking Revenge: Capsule rewards now display correctly by choosing the "Seek revenge" reappearance option after being killed by another player.
Seeking revenge: If you are targeted by another player seeking revenge, the amount of the reward now displays the correct amount of capsules that can be obtained by killing that player.
User interface
Languages: Korean fonts now display correctly in game menus.
Shortcuts: The "Take a picture" shortcut can no longer be reassigned and is now assigned to the space bar on PC, and the A button on the joysticks.
Shortcuts: Fixed an issue where the "Take a snapshot" option in Photo mode displayed a wrong shortcut.
Social: Fixed a problem where players disappeared from their respective social menus if two players were sending a friend invitation at the same time.
Social: Fixed an issue that prevented new player icons for other players from the Social menu from being displayed.

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