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With the announcement of "Operation Absolute Zero", Treyarch confirmed that the League mode was going to be delayed on Black Ops 4.

League mode is not present in Black Ops 4. This made a lot of noise when Treyarch announced that the competitive mode would not be present in the game when it was released.
It is therefore impossible for now to play with a trained team, to have a rank and a clan. The developers had planned to release it later, but in an article posted on their blog, they announce that the release of the mode has been delayed.

If everything goes as planned, the League mode should be available early 2019 as Treyarch explains.
After setting up all CWL features with custom CWL games, the COD Caster, and the PS4 Live Event Viewer, we are now ready for competitive games. Although many of these features have been presented to us in the past, we take a little more time to develop the ones that players expect and deserve. Here is what we have planned: Program for early 2019:
– League Events
– Clashes
– Clans and teams

We will have to wait to get more information on exactly what Treyarch predicts for League mode, but it seems that they have several ideas in mind.
The events will certainly run parallel to the CWL season where three new events have been announced.

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