Europe has reason to be wary of the equipment manufacturer

If the Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei has established itself in Europe and Africa, in addition to Asian markets, its route is blocked in North America in the name of national security.
In the case, links of its founder Ren Zhengfei with the Chinese intelligence services that make fear the presence of backdoors in the equipment, or fleas in the role disorder.
Several countries close to the United States have followed the movement by refusing to see Huawei inviting the heart of telecom infrastructure, at the time of the first steps of 5G.
In Europe, the situation is more nuanced, with Chinese equipment manufacturers having been present for a long time on the various European markets. Some hostile signs have begun to emerge, but now Andrus Ansip, the European Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, points out that there is reason to be wary of Chinese telecom players.
While Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Whangzou, has been arrested in Canada for fraud and risked 30 years in prison, tensions between the US and China are not likely to subside and concerns over Huawei are being put back into perspective. .
Still these fears of close ties with the intelligence services
"Do we need to worry about Huawei and other Chinese companies, yes, I think so," Andrus Ansip told a conference in Brussels. It emphasizes the obligation of these companies to leave backdoors for the intelligence services, which has always denied the person concerned.
While other European countries suggest that they could exclude Huawei from 5G equipment contracts, France remains in a neutral position that leaves the door open for Huawei, even if the government reserves the right to block certain sensitive investments, said Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.
It must be said that France is a bridgehead of Huawei's investments in Europe with several R & D centers deployed in recent years. Hard to turn your back on this manna. .

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