Emmanuel Macron puts on the table the bonus / penalty to fight against the abuse of CDD


At the microphone of France Inter this Friday, November 9, Emmanuel Macron has not forgotten his promise made during the campaign in the presidential election: there will be a system of bonus / malus for companies that aims to push them to hire in long-term contracts (CDI) rather than multiplying short-term contracts (CDD). They can be sanctioned in case of abuse. A way to fight against precariousness and to limit the criminal practices of certain companies. This system will be put in place early next year, without being sent from above however. The Head of State has indeed explained: "We begin this discussion professional branch by professional branch and thus company by company, to encourage them to change the habits in which they had a little enrolled". The multiplication of short-term contracts – nine hires out of ten currently in fixed-term contracts – is expensive for the unemployment insurance funds: 8 billion euros a year. The fight against the abuse of short-term contracts is a way to combat precariousness, so it is also the possibility of saving the state. And absorb some of the deficit of Unedic. Emmanuel Macron did not relaunch the discussion about the bonus / malus free: unemployment insurance negotiations have indeed opened this weekend and this system represents a real bogus for employers (as the degression for the unions ). The tenant of the Élysée wanted to take care of his left profile …


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