D'après DxO, l'iPhone XR est très performant en photo malgré l'unique objectif

Passed into the hands of DxOMark experts, the iPhone Xr has obviously seduced these professionals of the photo, with a single objective that holds (almost) head to the double sensor of the iPhone Xs.And if a single sensor was largely sufficient .. It's been a few years now that DxO has established itself as a benchmark in the photo quality segment. The group regularly tests many devices and cameras, but also smartphones. These are ranked according to their photo performance, with the current Huawei P20 Pro on the top step of the podium, followed by the iPhone Xs Max and the HTC U12 +. Recently, DxOMark has tested the other new iPhone generation, the Xr model, which also passed into the hands of Clubic a few weeks ago. In our test, the iPhone Xr was convincing enough to make the purchase of an iPhone Xs "an unjustifiable whim", because of its versatility and price.

On the DxOMark side, the iPhone Xr was judged only on its photo / video section. With a single photo sensor (12 megapixels), you could have thought that the "affordable" iPhone 2018 would pale in the face of competition (some smartphones with four sensors), as well as his older brothers Xs and Xs Max. However, the iPhone Xr takes the challenge brilliantly, and DxOMark confirms the excellent rendering of the pictures, in terms of exposure, colors, details, noise.

Obviously, in some cases (zoom, bokeh …), the iPhone Xr is not up to the Xs model, but the smartphone still offers very high performance. The smartphone turns out to be superior to the iPhone Xs Max, still according to DxOMark, in terms of flash management.

In the end, with a score of 103 in the photo and 96 in video, the iPhone Xr scores 101 on the DxOMark scale. This allows the smartphone to be placed in seventh place in the overall standings, between the Huawei P20 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, ejecting the iPhone X out of the top 10. The full DxOMark test of the iPhone Xr , can be found at this address (in English).

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