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BATTLEFIELD 5 – Thanks to the new Origin formula, players can play Battlefield 5 as early as November 9, 11 days before the official release.
[Mis à jour le 9 novembre à 10h34] Battlefield 5 is playable since yesterday afternoon exclusively for the players being subscribed to Origin Access Premier. If you do not know what it is, it is a monthly subscription at the price of 14.99 € per month (99.99 € per year) which allows you to play a library of more than 100 games (regularly updated) and guarantees you full access in advance to the latest games from EA Games. Thus, you will soon be able to play Fifa 19 and Anthem, and Battlefield 5 is already available. Simply subscribe and download the game. As a Origin Premier member, you will have access to the Deluxe version of the games and their bonus pack.
4 classes each corresponding to a style of play
The different classes of Battlefield 5, 4 in number (Assault, Physician, Scout and Support) have been modified. Each class will have two combat roles, the second one to be unlocked. In Battlefield 5, each of these classes will have a specific role with liabilities to be taken into account and mastered to win the game. The appearance of the characters will also evolve as they gain experience.
Assault is the most balanced class in attack and defense. Handling semi-automatic and automatic weapons, it is she who will do the damage and will be best able to destroy vehicles with dynamite. Her health will regenerate faster and she will find more ammo on the bodies of enemies or comrades.
The Doctor can revive the allies faster than other classes and has smoke to hide while healing comrades. He handles short-range weapons to defend himself. When he has to hold a point, he can drop a medical bag available to the allies and he can run faster to the fainting comrades.
The role of the Scout will be to observe enemy movements and eliminate them remotely with his sniper rifle. Possessing a pair of binoculars and a bouncing bomb, he will be able to signal the location of enemy forces to his allies to organize an ambush.
The Support fires machine guns and heavy machine guns, perfect for firing cover shots. He is also responsible for distributing bags of ammunition to his allies in need. His hammer allows him to build advanced fortifications as well as static machine guns, useful for defending strategic points. He can repair vehicles with his adjustable wrench as well as destroy them with his antitank mine.
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Originally scheduled for October 19, Battlefield 5 has had its release date postponed until November 20, 2018. EA apologized in a statement (article in English) explaining that player returns during closed alphas and during the E3 2018 showed them that some important aspects of the game needed to be improved, such as the visibility of the players and the speed of gameplay (ie how and how fast the game is place). A bad for a good so for a game that will be delivered to us one month after the initial date. We saw worse as a postponement, and in addition this one is well justified.
The multiplayer mode promises to be hearty as it gives players the choice between 8 game modes, each on a different card. A special mode called "Grandes Operations" will stage battles taking place over several days (play, rest assured). For now, we only know the name and a brief description of the different modes. Thus will be present the modes Final Assault, Front lines, Breakthrough, Conquest, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Air Invasion and Furnace, which will be the Battle Royale mode of the game.
Gamekult journalists have been able to try the War Stories and seem satisfied with their experience. In addition to a fairly successful story contextualization, they report that "the work on the soundscape and the visual rendering force the respect". Although overall War Stories are pretty basic in their gameplay, DICE's tour de force is to have been able to transcribe a war in a personal way through endearing characters. The gamesactu site was able to try the multiplayer and reports a gameplay more nervous and fast (it can be faster than in Battlefield 1) which is a good thing because we had the impression that "the players were bags to PV "A title that makes you want and that promises to live a beautiful experience of war on a large scale.
For now, Leclerc and Auchan offer the best price at € 44.99 for Battlefield 5 on PC. Attention if you wish to order in delivery, you will have to add 3 € if you take it at Auchan. As usual, Micromania sells for a high price (59.99 €) but gives you 600 points on your loyalty card. Fnac also offers the game for 59.99 € but you win a pair of aviators glasses in their case valued at 50 € if you take it for pre-order. Finally, the Carrefour store has a price a little cheaper than the normal value with 54,90 €. However, it may be interesting for Origin's regulars (the EA platform) to subscribe to Origin access in the first version for € 14.99 per month or € 99.99 per year as they will be able to play had premiere ahead and as long as their subscription will allow them.
The stores Auchan and Leclerc remain the masters in terms of prices and offer Battlefield 5 in PS4 / Xbox One version at only € 51.99 (+ € 3 delivery if you take on Auchan). Fnac follows shortly behind with 59.99 € but you earn 10 € on your loyalty account if you have the Fnac card. Battlefield 5 is € 64.99 at Carrefour but currently out of stock. Micromania sells the game at the base price (€ 69.99) but includes a DLC and € 15 discount on a selection of EA games.
3 packs featuring Battlefield 5 are currently on sale, including 2 sold by Micromania. For € 299.99, you can have a white Xbox One S 1 TB and the game Battlefield 5. The second pack includes a Xbox One X 1TB black and Battlefield 5 gold rush edition, exclusive to Micromania. All for € 499.99. Boulanger also offers a pack Xbox One S 1To white and Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition and Minecrat priced at 299.99 € with a 2 year warranty.
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