Assembly excludes palm oil from biofuels, disorder within LREM


The National Assembly narrowly passed on Friday an amendment to the MoDem excluding palm oil from the list of biofuels, against the advice of the government and the general rapporteur, which caused a disturbance among "walkers".
The first vice-president of the LREM group Amélie de Montchalin obtained a suspension of sitting before the vote of the measure approved by 22 votes against 20, as part of the examination in first reading of the draft budget for 2019.Brigitte Kuster ( LR) accused her of "wanting to rally the troops" to prevent the majority from being in the minority in the ballot.Las, all the opposition groups rallied to the MoDem as well as 5 LREM, the UDI-Agir In the past, Bruno Millienne (MoDem), the first signatory of the amendment, had expressed his "anger" after the government and the general rapporteur Joel Giraud (LREM) issued a negative opinion on his proposal. "More harmful than the essence "
"It's been a fortnight since we are fighting to explain why we are making the energy transition, why we are adding carbon tax, why we are increasing the tax on diesel … And when we want to make clean fuel in France, we keep palm oil (…) Palm oil is more harmful than gasoline, "said the elected Yvelines." We assume to support an unpopular policy on diesel but we do not want to be caught in the act of incoherence ", added Jean-Louis Bourlanges (MoDem).
"To favor the use of palm oil is to accept that deforestation continues," thundered the leader of Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who saw in the vote "the green comedy of the unmasked government". Dussopt, State Secretary to the Minister of Public Accounts, explained that the fight against deforestation should be framed at the European level. "That's why we do not want to amend the article (of the Finance Bill) at this stage," he said. MEPs completed the review of the draft budget on Friday night. This will be the subject of a solemn vote on Tuesday.


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