2,000 jobs, 2,000 … grimaces of the mayor of Chartres who refuses a logistics platform


"It's a question of balance. Chartres is and must remain a provincial town. Such an implementation would be detrimental to the sociological and demographic balance of the agglomeration. "Replied the mayor of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) to the Echo Républicain who released the information.
Jean-Pierre Gorges, Mayor of Chartres (Eure-et-Loir).
Jean-Pierre Gorges mayor (SE), president of Chartres-Métropole (125,000 inhabitants), refused in the spring of 2018, the establishment of a competitor of Amazon on a business area close to A.11, The Garden of the companies. Yet 2,000 jobs were promised by this company whose name was not revealed. "I do not want to host a logistics company that picks 3X8 (order preparation) and whose staff will be replaced tomorrow by robots," said Friday evening, Jean-Pierre Gorges Europe1.
The Renault and Philips fiascos in Dreux
Jean-Pierre Gorges (right), here with Gérard Hamel, Mayor of Dreux.
The mayor prefers to welcome in the agglomeration of Chartres SMEs that will develop. He takes the example of the failure of the neighbor drouais who in the 1970s hosted a large company in the automotive sector (Renault) then in the 80s a big box of television (Philips), both have closed today , leaving thousands of employees on the floor. This is the policy of "take the sorrel and pull", says Jean-Pierre Gorges. It puts forward besides "the consumption of economic spaces" and the ballet "of 50,000 vehicles per day", but also the nature of the activity and the jobs which
The town hall of Chartres.
go with, "devoid of added value. These low-skilled jobs will attract new residents who will change the structure of the population, "he told the Echo Republican. Supported by the regional council, Dreux applied for the reception of this platform after the refusal of Chartres, but this candidature was not retained.
The economic policy of Jean-Pierre Gorges is exactly the opposite of that which is practiced in the neighboring Loiret. Both the Department, especially the time of Eric Doligé, and the metropolis of Orleans have instead rolled out the red carpet logistics platforms in recent years. The most spectacular example is the establishment of the Amazon e-commerce giant, which employs more than 2,200 people in Saran near Orléans and is currently recruiting 2,100 temporary workers to face the gunshot of the end of year.


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